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By default, all Hedman Performance Group orders are shipped FOB Factory, which means customers take possession of the product ordered at the time the package leaves the Hedman Performance factory or dealer location. Since most orders are shipped to a residential address, a Signature is NOT Required by the shipping company. This means that the shipping company (i.e. FEDEX, UPS, USPS) does not reimburse the recipient for any lost shipments, once their delivery vehicle leaves the package at your address. Should no signature be required on your shipment and your package is not received by you, the carrier will not cover the loss of the package.

To protect your shipment against the possibility of theft or loss (rare, but occurs), carriers offer a "signature required" option. If this option is selected, your package cannot be left unattended at your home's doorstep. Someone at the delivery location MUST SIGN for your package. This eliminates the risk of unauthorized persons from taking the package.

To apply this option to your shipment, Please add ONLY ONE of these "signature required" options to you order, regardless of how many items are in your order. A charge of $3 will be added to your order to cover the added charge from the delivery company.